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08/15/2005: "29-31 July 2005"

Friday we went to Leo's Place for an early dinner. The children had a blast on the play equipment and the long super slide.

Saturday we went searching for huckleberries north of Kelly Canyon. We found a few here and there, but the wet spring delayed a bumper crop like we found last year at this time.

Saturday night we played the new Karaoke Duets. Everyone loves "the singing game".

Sunday we went to church at the Kearney First Ward with Grandma and Grandpa Robinson. Their combined meeting was about temple work, something that brings me great joy. I hope their program to encourage more people to learn to use the Family History Center's resources is successful. After church, we talked about meeting up that later on that week for a trip to the Museum of Idaho and went our separate ways.

We returned home for a dinner of turkey, mashed potatoes & gravy, corn and freshly baked rolls, mmmmm. I admit to eating more than my share of rolls =) Thankfully the children weren't counting them...

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