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08/05/2005: "25 July 2005"

We drove up to Montana on Monday morning, caravaning with Grandpa Rydalch. We stopped at the Burger King in Salmon for a quick lunch, and the manager gave us some left over ciniminis to take with us for later.

We arrived in Conner around 1pm, and found Ruth waiting at Singletree Farms. About ten minutes later my Dad, Aunt Catharine, Ken, Kurt & Kayla arrived in Grandpa Allen's van and Aunt Caroline, Uncle Nelson, Craig & Michelle came in the red suburban.

We scattered my Aunt Melanie's ashes on the family land, with everyone taking a turn or two. We talked about our memories of Melanie, and ate watermelon in her honor. It was a very nice ceremony.

Mike headed back to Idaho and the rest of us headed to Lake Como.

We met up with some of the White family at the group campground, set up our tents, tried out the lake, and ate dinner. We sang "Happy Birthday" to Catharine and enjoyed some celebratory cheesecake. Lake Como is in bear country, so we made sure there wasn't anything left around to attract the bears to our site.

I love watching the stars at night, especially nice when I'm away from the city.

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