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10/11/2004: "random musings"

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I have, to be sure, neglected this forum for a few weeks now. I am sorry to report that I have no excellent crisis to report on, nor do I have pictures of some fabulous project just completed. In fact life for the past couple of weeks has been practically normal in every sense of the word. Hmmmm...

Some events of randomly organized note:(click on more to read more)

~We went camping in the Prescott National Forest again the last weekend in September. It really is a lot of fun to camp out as a family. Richard arranged to have Friday off so we could camp Thursday-Saturday. No terrible flaming marshmallow injuries occured. Some long hikes(for a small child or for those carrying a small child) were enjoyed by all.

~The 174th Semiannual General Conference of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints took place the first weekend of October. I love GC! It's a marvelous privilege to gather with my family and hear the messages from our church leaders, especially those from our Prophet Gordon B Hinckley. The sustaining of the two new Apostles was really neat--I really admire the faith and courage it takes to accept any calling from the Lord, let alone one with so much weight to it.

~I went to two "girls night out" activities this past weekend. The first was a scrapbook weekend (I stayed Friday night to Saturday morning) and the other a movie fest. It was nice.

~Duncan participated in Chess Day again this weekend also. He enjoyed it, and Cheanna even played a game or two. Richard and I played a game at the end, and he ended up chasing me around until I had a king left =)

~Still working on my moving saga, don't fret =)

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