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11/23/2004: "... she's alive!"

music: *conjunction junction*
mood: ~tough~

or back from the near-dead, or something like that. Yes, I am working on living well.

I have been feeling so much more functional this week, which is fabulous. I am thankful for the support of family and true friends during this transitional period.

Introspection comes naturally to me... expressing those thoughts, not so much. Life has taught me the lesson (again) that there are friends who are evergreen, true and valuable through and through. There are the deciduous acquaintances, some who fall away for good, some who repeat the cycle as often as I permit. I know that all are children of God, a comforting knowledge.

I am thrilled to have recently been described as "tough" by an old friend to a new friend who replied, "yep, sounds like her." My husband agrees, and so now I can delightfully add "being tough" to my talent list =)

(I prefer to think that they were using these defintions in describing me, as I'm not that sticky)
3 : characterized by severity or uncompromising determination
4 : capable of enduring strain, hardship, or severe labor
5 : very hard to influence : STUBBORN

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