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08/11/2005: "26 July 2005"

We woke up Tuesday morning after the hiking parties had left, ate a breakfast of ciniminis, and left for town to buy some sandals to better brave the rocky shores with...

In Darby I found some that would fit me, but the store owner indicated we would need to go north to Hamilton to find anything in children's sizes. We drove to the Hamilton Kmart per his suggestion and picked through the dregs of their summer shoes to find something suitable to fit Emma, Elena and Cheanna. Duncan's current sandals would work just fine for swimming. Much later than I anticipated, we returned to the campsite to eat lunch and go swimming.

We spent some time with cousin Elizabeth in the RV and she showed us the beading projects she was working on, her beading tools, and told us about her excitement for her new job in a local bead shop. After a couple of rounds of "Go Fish!" we were ready to hike over to the lake. The sandals definitely improved in our enjoyment of the cool water. Unfortunately, some jet skiers were ignoring the slow/no wake buoys and creating large waves that disrupted our ability to play in the water. When we went back later in the evening, they were either gone or on the other side of the lake so we didn't have the same problem. It was chillier, however, and we didn't spend as much time in the water.

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