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11/24/2004: "adjectives are falling on me like rain!"

music: Three is a Magic Number
mood: happy

I spoke with another friend on the telephone today. I am her info-guru; if she has questions she doesn't know the answers to, or wants interpretation of information she already has, she calls me. Among the topics we discussed: internet sites for listing home rentals, 'Russian jews'/orthodox judaism, and my recent hospital stay.

To tie this into the title, she told me that she'd thought I was awesome, but after talking about what I'm going through, she regarded me as "more awesome". I like a good ego boost as much as the next person... I think that I will always be grateful for a Sunday School teacher who taught us about a leader who accepted compliments or accolades thankfully, but would silently (and rapidly) repeat "makes you proud, makes you proud, makes you proud" in an effort to remain humble. I try to be honest about the talents and gifts I've been given, and give credit to the Giver of all good gifts.

Richard had an interesting article emailed to him at work about the locus of control and working on mentally preparing for an outcome. I will have to write more about that another time--I'm still digesting that...

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