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03/28/2005: "Happy Easter Monday!"

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Ok, so I go from Thanksgiving to Easter without updating. If any of my readers have complaints, I will cheerfully refund your purchase price =D

Yes, Happy Easter Monday! Or to amuse with the words of Dennis Miller, I don't recall the scriptures saying, "He will rise on the third day, but not until the fourth day for Canada, Australia and New Zealand."

Now that we have our dry humor out of the way, allow me to make excuses for why I go from hospitalization to hospitalization with nary an odd word for the blog. First off, I became pregnant in December, which cuts me some slack for the misnomered "morning" sickness. Second, I forgot my password. Third, I just haven't taken the....hey look at that shiny object over there...

Let's see, I'm four months along now and all's well. I am preparing for my first Phoenix summer pregnancy by stocking up on (and/or altering pants to be) maternity capris. I plan to show off lots of ankle-->calf this time, don't miss out =D I have at least 5 pregnancy buddies, all due within Sep-Nov 2005, so I'm in good company. My OB is awesome, and we're planning on having our children be there for the birth at her invitation.

I'm still working on your birthday present, Dad, sorry it's taken me so long. You should have it by your half-birthday for sure, quarter b-day if I'm dedicated enough. Which reminds me, Heather, did you ever get yours? I'm lousy on the follow-up. Love, Moi

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