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03/30/2005: "Home Sweet Home"

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Some friends of ours are going through a terrible time with their landlord. They have sewage backing up, and are unable to use any running water device in the house without causing more seepage in various places. It has been like this for days. Promises of a solution, of plumbers who never arrive have led them to just stay put. I hope this will resolve for them soon.

It certainly makes me all the more grateful for the tenancies that we have been in previously, and the wonderful home that we live in now. It has been so nice to have the room for the children to play, to live, to just breathe in our own space. I think it's highly probable we will stay here for the duration of Richard's initial post of duty.

Another home based opportunity coming up this weekend--the 175th Annual General Conference of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints! This will be the 10th April Conference I have participated in, because the one in 1994 after my baptism was disrupted by our cable connection, and I was unaware of the option to watch it at the church building. I recall the 1995 April Conference (my first with Richard) and the solemn assembly to sustain President Gordon Bitner Hinckley as our prophet, seer and revelator. I remember the Spirit's witness to me that he was truly a prophet of God. I try to keep a log of each conference now, with notes on the proceedings and my feelings or thoughts at the time. At the end of the weekend I can usually come up with a nice "to-do list" based on impressions or direct counsel given by our leaders. I know the logistics are against me, but I still maintain that the only thing that could make GC better would be an opportunity to partake of the sacrament during the weekend. I draw such strength from the ordinance... I also concede that this makes me all the more eager to attend sacrament meetings during the rest of the year.


I have only 5 more days of being 27, whatever that means... Truthfully, I have to stop and think whenever asked how old I am because my age has lost meaning to me. I generally record time in terms of my children's ages now, or before/after specific events. I am thankful for my time here on the earth so far--I hope I may learn and grow and become even better as time goes on.


Another event we're prepping for here is the new baby. I have transformed the armoire from an entertainment center back into a baby dresser. The bassinet is set up in our room already to make it all the more natural when we use it this fall. We buy something for the baby each month (so far it's been diapers) and I am planning a unit study to welcome the new member of our family and to help everyone adjust as needed. I love being able to feel the fluttering around, and am looking forward to when Richard and the children can place their hands on my belly and feel the baby move as well. A home is just a house without a family inside it. Our family makes this house a home.

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