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04/14/2006: "A joyous Good Friday to you"

I am still breathing here in Phoenix, despite the heat yesterday (101 on our van thermometer).

I haven't been writing because I haven't anything to say.


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on Saturday, April 15th, Barb said

101 in your car. Scary hot!

I know that I go through phases where I have so much to say and others where I do not have much to say. I also have such dry spells with writing poetry.

I hope you are doing good though and to hear from you in the not so distant future!

on Saturday, April 15th, Barb said

Happy Easter to you and your family!

on Tuesday, April 18th, Tanya said

Well I hope you had a good visit and a good Easter. I look forward to seeing you around again. Tanya

on Saturday, April 22nd, MomR said

I finally got our trip on our website. Thanks so much for such a lovely visit. I'm really glad we were there and really enjoyed being there with you, Richard and the children.

on Saturday, April 22nd, Moi said

Barb, thank you for stopping by. Do you post your poetry anywhere? I'd be interested in reading some more of it...
Barb & Tanya, Thanks for the Easter wishes too! I think it was a pleasant day despite Ephraim's illness.
MomR, glad you have that posted. Sorry you're feeling ill as well.

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