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04/29/2006: "Mama Said"

I've traipsed lightly around the bloggernacle this month, posting rarely, commenting occasionally. I don't think I've been missed the recent comment boxes at fMh--because my Mom is doing a great job of it for me! Naiah has this cool feature on her sidebar to link to recent comments she's left at other blogs because it's really part of her and her experience.

So I thought something like that tooo... but while I'm waiting to get it set up, I can just use my Mom's thoughtful comments as an example. She is totally giving me the smart Mormon street cred here in the 'nacle! Plus it's neat to get to see her take on it all...

Guilt & Suffering

The Solution

Sunday Best

tolerating tolerance

Mama, you've taught me and encouraged me to speak my mind over the years--thank you. It's neat participating in this venture with you (even from the sidelines). Oh, you taught to me to know when to hold em, when to fold em, when to walk away and when to run... It's come in handy.

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on Saturday, April 29th, mamacita (Darlene) said

Hey, sweetheart, back atcha. We'll just have to have our own mutual admiration society!

I heard from Pop that a certain self righteous fool was continuing to trouble you. Short of cyberstalking, is there anything I can do? (Seriously, I can't believe all the crap you put up with. Mama Bear is getting VERY disgruntled.)

Well, since I'm rapidly moving into a hoity toity position (new possibilities opening up, that capitol move is getting more likely by the minute) I must prepare for my Sun Valley debut by getting my hair and nails done.

I'll have to give you the scoop by telephone some evening!

Ach! Hair, makeup, nails and dress clothing! I'm too old and tired for this stuff, if you ask me.

on Saturday, April 29th, Moi said

Brava, Mama, congrats on making another step (or three) beyond employment sugar sandwiches--wooo woo!

We want pictures, of course!

PS--Baby bear says not to worry, because we've realized that while it was previously thought that the law of diminshing returns had not been applicable, the intent of the framers had been overlooked and enforcement began immediately =)

on Saturday, April 29th, Tanya said

You are going to have to tell me how to get that feature set up! Is there a place to get a code to do something like that? You know I'm always interested in adding to my blog interesting things! :)
Hope you are doing okay. I always look for you online.
Glad to see you have your mother in this venture. I know mine would never do it.

on Tuesday, May 2nd, Sissy said

Bah, mama needs to get her own site up while she's getting her manicure =P

on Friday, May 5th, Moi said

We'll give an ultimatum--either she gets it done during the pedicure or she HAS to get the eyebrows waxed! Bwa ha ha ha, the blog is coming, I can feeeel it

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