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05/04/2006: "Happy May Day + 3 !!"

The sun is shining in all its gigantic nuclear furnace glory today, the flowers we planted are enjoying fresh air & water along with the solar rays, the laundry is washing, the windows are windex-perfect, the floors are sparkling, the dishes drying, the carpets clean and everyone is watching Cyberchase and exploring mathematical problem-solving...well, all except for that part about the laundry, the windows, the floors, the dishes and the carpets... But if I can think it, it can happen, right?

Any idiot can survive a crisis, the greeting card says, it's the day to day living that drives you crazy!

I'm a results-junkie. Tackle a one-time big project? I'm your woman. Want to have everything less than five minutes messy? I'm afraid I don't have what it takes right now.

I'm chiseling at the concrete boots that sabotage my daily tasks. I'm reviewing committee recommendations on redefining results. I'm working the twelve step program to extinguish the darkness ravaging my soul. I'm praying for those who don't live in a vacuum while the chips are flying and falling--for those who need a greater measure than I'm currently harvesting.

My thanks to those who offer me their ears, shoulders and hearts as well as tool suggestions.

After all, many hands make light hewing

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on Thursday, May 4th, MomR said

Oh it sounds beautiful there. We are still 5-10 degrees below the norm even for Idaho. I'm so ready for warm weather. If the wind would quit blowing it would be 10-15 degrees warmer most days. Enjoy your sunshine.

I love you all.

on Friday, May 5th, Dad said

Lots of yellow in my yard: tulips, daffodils and dandelions. It should be warming up as we go through the month.

on Monday, May 8th, Moi said

I miss those signs of spring flowers, Dad. Good memories... I do enjoy the flower photos on Ruth's calendar.

MomR, hope your trip to Omaha went well and had pleasant weather.

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