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07/21/2006: "Roxcy update--just in time for my sabbatical"

In conjunction with my pending vacation time I'm on sabbatical from Roxcy: A prayer of faith and I realized I hadn't kept up with linking the articles and reviews for May, June and July. Oops!

So in chronological order we have:

That Other Declaration
posted 27 May about the 1999 Relief Society Declaration.

God's Beloved Daughters
posted 4 June continuing the discussion on the Relief Society Declaration

Review - “Joseph Smith: Praise to the Man”
posted 5 June in Book Reviews (betcha didn't guess that-ha!)

Saturday Afternoon Blip
posted 8 June about an annual segment of LDS General Conference.

Liken it Unto You
posted 14 June about personalizing the scriptures

Review: Leven Thumps and the Gateway to Foo
by Obert Skye

posted 3 July, another book review

Truck Testimony
posted 20 July about a spiritual experience in the ol' Mazda


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