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07/30/2006: "Some Sunday Highs and Lows"

music: ...sometimes you're the windshield, sometimes you're the bug...

High--Mom lending a helping hand with readying the children for church.

High--Going to Blackfoot to hear family speak in Sacrament meeting.

Low--Getting there two minutes before church starts.

High--Having seats available in the middle benches with aisle access.

Low--Ephraim getting fussy near the end of the meeting.

High--Having Grandparents Robinson to keep an eye on the big four while I walked-n-rocked a baby.

Low--Going to get Ephraim's sippy cup from the van and not finding my keys in my church bag.

Lower--Seeing my keys on the driver's seat in the locked van.

Lowest--Crying in the foyer as the emergency roadside service operator explains she cannot find anyone in the area to do Sunday lockout service, after using foyer phone to place collect calls to Richard looking for policy and telephone numbers. Consider breaking window and repairing it later.

High--Brother (in-law), nephew (in-law) and five other guys start working on gaining access to my van. Sister (in-law) sympathizes from personal experience, searches for more tools and helps with Ephraim while I'm going in and out of the building.

Higher--Side middle window pried open, fishing with bent hanger for keys, door handle or unlock button. Personal embarrassment at locking keys in the van for the first time and doing so 1000 miles from home is starting to fade.

Highest--Door opened, keys retrieved, beaucoup thanks given to the men who assisted me. Mercy given, gratitude returned, heaven and earth.

Low--Elena trips on treadmill, shreads a hand and scrapes both forearms.

High--Dinnner with family. Ephraim playing with my grandniece.

EphraimandMacie (38k image)

Low--Ephraim smacking his head into the desk, startled by my loud yelp after he bit me. Screaming lasts for about 10 minutes. Whimpering lasts at least 30.

High--Chatting with my sweetie before bed.

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on Monday, July 31st, Tanya said

I'm sorry about the keys, it can be very stressful. I locked mine in the van last summer with Kendra inside. That was horrible! Once the van was unlocked I think my mom and I cried for 5 minutes.

on Monday, July 31st, Kimberly said

When you first got your van, you emailed everyone describing it as having key less entry. Does that function for some reason not work any more? Keyless entry is nice because you just punch in a code and the door unlocks.

on Monday, July 31st, Moi said

As frustrating as that was for me, Tanya, it is good for me to remember that it may have been a much worse situation! I would have cried right along with you...

Kimberly, we took our other van on this trip--it has "old-fashioned" locks.

on Monday, July 31st, Kimberly said

I guess I didn't realize you had two vans. I hate old fashioned locks I am such an air head and always locking keys or losing them. Since we don't have keyless entry in our car I have to give copies of keys out to everyone I know. I guess that would be hard when you are so far away from home but boy I can sure feel your frustrations.

on Monday, July 31st, momR said

Sorry to hear of your difficulties. That's why I couldn't see your van! I was looking for the teal one. I'm glad eveything worked out OK and you didn't have to break a window. Kent can be very handy to have around at times. Cute picture of Ephraim and Macie.

on Tuesday, August 1st, Moi said

MomR, we were in a spot next to the designated handicapped parking, under a nice shady tree. We opted to take George this time for greater cargo space. It doesn't have the rear a/c though, so night travel has another advantage!

Kimberly, that's an interesting way of solving the problem... Leaving a ring of keys with my Mom felt unnecessary--before now

=) Live and learn, and make copies, right?

on Tuesday, August 1st, tantei sis said

Poor, poor, Neechan-tachi.
Go see Monster House to feel better ; )

on Tuesday, August 1st, Moi said

Thanks, sis.

How many cute deer faces does your review of Monster House get?
(MH toys were in the Carl's Jr. happy meals we got last week)

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