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07/28/2006: "27 July 2006"

Arriving in Idaho 19 hours after we left Phoenix, we were very grateful to have the safe travel that we did. Ephraim handled his first looong auto trip in his typically happy fashion, I only had to pull over once inbetween pitstops to help him (he needed some teething gel).

Inserted pictures of cute children at Grandma & Grandpa's house in the extended entry.
All pictures taken by Grandpa Rydalch

Clap (25k image)

Ephraim clap, clap, claps for the camera.

Cheeesssse (43k image)

Duncan was glad to be done with the ride.

Nicebracelet (47k image)

Cheanna found fun with the kitty toy.

Simonsays (30k image)

Emma Catharine--always ready to give directions to anyone.

Exhausting (51k image)

It was a long ride for Elena.

PhonenotPhood (33k image)

Ephraim found new relief from teething pain.

Replies: 3 Comments

on Saturday, July 29th, momR said

So glad you made it safely and that Ephraim travel so well.

I was looking for the pictures of the cute children @ Grandma & grandpa's house. :);)

Will we see you tomorrow at church?

on Sunday, July 30th, Moi said

Pictures added. It was nice to see you, albeit briefly, at Church today.

on Sunday, July 30th, Kimberly said

I am glad you had a safe trip If you would like to stop by on the return trip you are welcome to but of course you don't need to feel obligated.

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