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07/28/2006: "Meeting Sarebear"

music: A stranger's just a friend you haven't met

( Or how I once again proved I'm not an axe murderer )

On our way through Utah I set up a lunch meeting with Sara, aka Sarebear from Pie-Bolar Served w/ 3 Flavors of Anksia Tea. We opted for dining at Carl's Jr. so my children could have a playland reprieve from the nearly 12 hour drive. Her daughter is the same age as my oldest daughter and they had lots of fun playing together. Truthfully, all of my children enjoyed their new friend!

Sara is nice, very kind, funny, easy to converse with, and creative as &*^^ =)
She had less than 24 hours notice that I was coming, and made room for me anyway! Sara offered to keep an eye on the children when I went up to order--a daunting task even without a baby--and by the time I came back Emma had given her our family history. We ate, we talked, we shared a love of zucchini... Best of all she invited us back to her place to use the bathroom, now there's a true sign of friendship!

While the children played in her daughter's room, Sara took me on a quick tour and showed me her incredible beadwork. I am in awe of her talent & skillz, gorgeous creations, some with variable wearing possibilities and many different styles. Sara generously offered to let me take home one of her jewelry pieces and I found it difficult to choose.

DSC06453 (34k image)

This is doubled over on a paper plate--I'm not as good at photographing jewelry yet. The larger colored beads are wonderfully sparkly and the clasp is beautiful silver with pink--help?
[Sara clears throat--The clasp is sterling silver with marcasite and pink mother of pearl.]

DSC06454 (56k image)

Here it is full length on the table.

We had to get back on the road eventually, though the children still protested our departure. Thanks Sara for a lovely afternoon!

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on Friday, July 28th, sarebear said

Thank you!

My daughter and I had a great time, too.

I'm blushing, tho! 8^o

Emily wants to come down to Arizona and visit, like your kids wanted her to. That'd be fun, as I've been meaning to plan a road trip to AZ sometime.

And you are very welcome!)

on Saturday, July 29th, Barb said

Sounds like a great time was had by all! ☺ By the way, I learned how to make what I think is a smiley as I was learing to type and let up after the one. Learn something new every day lol. And I like ☺! Thanks, Ta!

on Saturday, July 29th, Barb said

Hey! The smileys are showing up as a box on my computer. Really those were smiley faces before I pushed submit. But I am pretty square by many people's standards so I guess it fits. poem to follow in a moment.

on Saturday, July 29th, Barb said

Well, I wanted to share a poem that I wrote months ago about how a rectangle is always a square but a square is not always a rectnagle, but I forgot it so I wrote a completely different poem. Here it is: Dare to be square. When it is a round whole with water below, a square will not fit or budge through even a bit. But through the hole the circle will go. There may be those who have succumbed to circledom and in to their true selves become numb. A square is still true to who they are and knowing this can carry them far.

on Saturday, July 29th, Barb said

Oh dear, it is a square tht is always a rectangle, A rectangle is not always a square. That is one of the few things I remember from Geometry as I like the logic in it.

on Saturday, July 29th, momR said

Sara sounds delightful. where in Utah does she live? (the town is all I'm looking for:)) I'm glad you and the children enjoyed your visit with her and her daughter.

Barb also sounds delightful (From her comments)

on Sunday, July 30th, Moi said

Sara, I extend the invitation again. Let me know when you hit the road =)

Barb, I thought I'd found a music note and it turned into a box and circumflex o.
I do so like your poetry, Barb, you should post that on that *other* forum. Or maybe you have--I haven't checked in since I've been here.

MomR, it was a lot of fun. She lives north of SLC.

on Monday, July 31st, sarebear said

Your kind words me SO MUCH to me, Ta!!!

You do too take good pics. I posted some pics of it a week or two ago on my beading blog, which is linked in the sidebar of my main blog.

I hope you enjoy the necklace! The clasp is sterling silver with marcasite and pink mother of pearl. There, did that do? Feel free to insert wherever you wish (that sounds wicked . . .lol!)

I'll be posting more about our visit, but hubby and I had the weekend to ourselves (dd was gone to reunion with my MIL) so we were doing other things . . . !)

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