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03/09/2006: "where I've been"

It's been a busy week here... a dental/mouth infection caused severe swelling in my lips--I looked like Mick Jagger with collagen--which is now reduced thanks to my friend medication...

Another p-doc appointment, adding some new meds to my regimen. Feeling pretty good so far, except for the horribly chapped/cracked lips, all seems to be well body & spirit.

We had homeschool support group meeting earlier, planning some more field trips. This month we're going to the Phoenix Art Museum, rollerskating, and to Petco!

I have book club tonight, the last one of our little group. Now they are part of Home Family Personal Enrichment activities, meeting on the fourth Thursday of the month.

I'll doing the four meme later, and I have a blogging announcement later on as well.

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