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03/26/2006: "A Prayer of Faith"

Naiah recently started a group blog called A Prayer of Faith and I thrilled to be a part of it =)

Guest-blogging at fMh has been a blast, very educational, and drawing to a close. Unfortunately an invite to join the fMh crew, however fun it would be, isn't very likely as they have quite a talented cast in place.

We are blogging, blogging onward...

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on Sunday, March 26th, Kimberly said

Good Luck. I know you will do great! I have also been asked to take place in the starting up of a new women's blog forum but I am not sure right now if it fits into my priorities. I will keep you posted if I decide to do it.

on Sunday, March 26th, Moi said

Thanks! I might actually be extending another week at fMh...

on Monday, March 27th, MomR said

That would be neat if you did extend another week. I've enjoyed reading your pieces.

on Wednesday, March 29th, Barb said

How exciting!

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