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03/01/2006: "unpack your adjectives--it's johari window time!"

Lisa did a johari window a little while ago and it was fun to see the results. I thought about doing one at the time, but put it off...
Now the time has come =)

It's an interesting way to compare how I see myself with the way others see me.

Visit Téa's Window and select 5 or 6 words from the list that describe me.

or copy & paste into your browser


Once you've chosen your words, please enter a name to identify yourself, and the next page shows the results. (If you use an alias, please let me know somehow)

This one has 55 positive terms, there is another that is designed to view your flaws and weaknesses with 55 negative terms. I've opted againt that one for now--I'm all too aware of those =)

Replies: 4 Comments

on Wednesday, March 1st, MomR said

This was interesting. I personally don't think six are enough to describe you. I love you.

on Wednesday, March 1st, Pop said

I concur with momr. it is very difficult to choose just 6.

on Wednesday, March 1st, Ken said

I agree with mom. there's a lot of word that describe you.

on Thursday, March 9th, Moi said

Thanks, all, for participating! It was fun =)

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