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03/11/2006: "Where I'm going (and why I've neglected this forum)"

I thought about following my sister off the face of the earth but I got lost and ended up back here anyway =)

I haven't taken the time to post recently, and I apologize for that. I have photos yearning to be uploaded, posts waiting to be written, and family waiting for updates... I keep thinking I will buckle down and do it but this week has just flown by. Richard and I projects to do in the day, we have a date in the evening, church with my new assignment as a special needs primary worker, family dinner at a friend's house Sunday (new baby--oh boy!).

--Where I'm going--
I've accepted the invitation to be a guest blogger at Feminist Mormon Housewives (www.feministmormonhousewives.org), posting entries randomly for the next two weeks. I'm honored and excited--this is an opportunity I didn't think I'd have. fMh, as it's abbreviated, is billed as being a place where it's safe to be feminist and faithful. I pray I'll live up to that mission statement.

For those who may think it's a oxymoron or who'd worry that I'm 'on the road to apostasy', let be me absolutely clear: feminism as a term has about as much single meaning as any political party affiliation. Republicans don't all agree with each other, Democrats don't all agree with each other, Independents don't all agree with each other. There are radical, extreme views in every group, everywhere. Don't use too broad of a brush when painting a picture of feminism--from its roots it advocates that women and men are equally valuable to society, and that women should have political economic and social equality. Radical feminism is as representative of the whole movement as the Aryan Nations represent Idahoans, or the Laffertys to Mormonism.

I'll post links to my blog entries there--I hope you'll join me on this blogging adventure =)

Replies: 5 Comments

on Saturday, March 11th, Stephen M (Ethesis) said

Congrats on the FMH guest posts.

on Saturday, March 11th, Moi said

Although, I wish I wasn't following Naiah--I'm a classic case of guest blogger envy =)
(yes, folks, she's that good!)

on Sunday, March 12th, Tanya said

Congratulations. I haven't been a big fan of FMH, everytime I go I find my head shaking in disbelief over some of the idea's and thoughts that come across. Not that I'm opposed to new ideas, but I have seen some that make me question the faith of the writers, particularily when it comes to the Prophet Joseph Smith I have seen some very harsh judgements of him in the not to far past, I have seen the Temple being nearly vilified to the point that I have nearly taken FMH off of my LDS women's blog list. I have kept it there, but sometimes I wonder if the site is really in harmony with what I have intended my list to be. I have kept it, so I hope to see you bring in a fresh new look on faith and womanhood without the need to bash men, or the hiarchy, or the priesthood that I have seen on the Site. Good luck my dear SIL.

on Sunday, March 12th, Moi said

If you haven't yet, go read Naiah's beautiful post about the temple. Don't go into the comments as there were some trolls writing some absolutely horrid things (she had to close the comments--it was awful) but the post itself is quite uplifting.

on Monday, March 13th, Tanya said

Hi there,
Read your first post! It's a good list of who you are now, and what you have been, and where you have come from. I have read Naiah's post, and she is one of the few I have enjoyed there. I don't go often because I find I get very anoyed at the topics that come up. I suppose I'm not a feminist. Not that I don't believe in equal treatment, but I just don't seem to feel slighted because I "don't" have the same "priveledges" that men do. I'm so glad of who you are and what you are. You are a good example of living the life of a mother and wife foremost, and showing you can keep your mind, your opinions, and continue to grow and learn without needing to leave the home to find "fullfilment." Somehow I don't think I fit in on that site. I hope you have a good response to your posts. I look forward to reading more. :)

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