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06/16/2006: "Birthday Pictures"

Cheanna's 7th birthday pictures are posted in the album

Cheanna's Golden Birthday

Her birthday breakfast was at the Golden Arches.

Her birthday dinner was at the Golden Corral.

The theme birthdays are the easiest...

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on Friday, June 16th, mamacita said

oh, the link did not work for me! I tried it multiple times (tried tricking it, too!) =) but it still brings up the 'this page cannot be found' stuff.

on Friday, June 16th, Moi said

Okay, I fixed the link. Sorry for the delay =)

on Friday, June 16th, mamacita said

I can hardly type, I'm crying such tears of delight over those pictures...THANKS!

And the commentary was very funny. Thanks so much for sharing!

I miss you all. If I could stand Phoenix at 100+ degrees in the shade I'd drive right down there now! (Okay, maybe not NOW, but soon.) I guess I'll have to wait.

on Sunday, June 18th, Auntie Heather said


Everyone's so big. Except Ephraim.

on Monday, June 19th, momR said

So that's why it was a golden birthday! I knew she was no where near 50.=)Thanks so much for sharing. I enjoyed looking at the pictures of all of you sooo much. It made me miss you very much. It makes me wish that somehow you all could be with the rest of us this weekend. We'll all take pictures and I'll learn how to send you some or put them on my blog site at least. I haven't learned that yet on this new computer but am learning lots daily.

Love you all.

on Monday, June 19th, Moi said

Mama--you're welcome. And you know our heat oasis is always open to you--ha! =D

Heather, they are growing soooo fast. Did I mention that Elena is the only computer user who doesn't play Warcraft yet? ;) I don't know if Ephraim will be walking on his own by the time we see you next, but he'll be trying very hard if not =)

MomR, yeah, the next one in our family to have a golden birthday will be Emma in 2010. Then it will be Duncan in 2016, Elena in 2023, Ephraim in 2031... It makes Emma's seem just around the corner ;)

on Tuesday, June 20th, momR said

I guess I don't understand what makes it golden. I tho't it was golden because you went to Golden Arches and then Golden Corral. But evidently you went to those places because it was a golden birthday. I just don't understand the criteria I guess. Please explain.

on Tuesday, June 20th, mamacita said

MomR...Téa's dad and myself kinda started a thing, where the year you turn the same age as the date of your birthday, was your golden birthday. I think it was because that made Téa's 5th birthday 'a big event'.

So, Cheanna was born on the 7th, and she turned 7 this year...so it was her 'golden' birthday. Téa, I think the theme idea was masterful!

on Wednesday, June 21st, momR said

Thank you, mamcita, for explaining that. I was too young to remember mine when I had my "golden birthday since I was only 3 at the time. That is a neat tradition to carry on.

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