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06/18/2006: "Happy Father's Day!"

fathersday06 (35k image)

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on Monday, June 19th, momR said

They both look very tired. I hope Richard had a very nice father's day. And the rest of you too.

on Monday, June 19th, Moi said

We were all very tired. The a/c went out Friday night and the repairman finished up just before noon Sunday. Luckily it never got above 90 in the house...

on Tuesday, June 20th, momR said

So the airconditioner went out in both the van and the house? Wow! At this time of the year there in Phoenix it is definitely a necessity I would say. Glad they finally got it fixed. It's been over 100 there hasn't it? Your house must be fairly well insultated. I hope so.
Love you all.

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