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06/07/2006: "A golden birthday"

We spent Cheanna-Eve 2006 much like we did Cheanna-Eve 1999. We went swimming =)

This time I was watching her kicking and splashing around in the water, instead of feeling her kicking inside of me. Her big brother wasn't in need of massive air inflated dodads to achieve buoyancy this time, it was her baby brother floating around inside those yellow tubes.

We carried children in from van to bed, so the official scrapbook part will come later.


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on Thursday, June 8th, Barb said

Children plus water equals fun!!!!

on Thursday, June 8th, Naiah Earhart said

Happy B-day to Cheanna! I'll be sure to tell Katy!

on Thursday, June 8th, Auntie Heather said


on Sunday, June 11th, momR said

I look forward to the pictures.

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