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06/21/2006: "Elena, day 1461"

Elena had a fabulous fourth birthday!

See some of the fun in Elena's Fourth

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on Thursday, June 22nd, mamacita said

oh, my goodness! It's incredibly wonderful to have the pictures posted, thanks so much!

A very long and busy day, and it looked like it was very fun, too!

on Thursday, June 22nd, Barb said

4th Birthday! What a great age. You can fold your thumb in and proudly proclaim, "I'm four." I'll check out the pics. I looked at some of the swim party pics already. They were great!

on Sunday, June 25th, Stephen M (Ethesis) said


on Monday, June 26th, momR said

I thoroughly enjoyed looking at the pictures of Elena's birthday. You got a good shot of the card I made her. It was fun chatting with you too.

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