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02/26/2006: "Tagged by Sarebear =D"

7 Songs followed by (¯`'•.¸(¯`'•.¸A Lizzie Quizzie!¸.•'´¯)¸.• '´¯)

The rules: List 7 songs you're into right now. No matter the genre, whether they have words, or even if they're any good, they must be songs you're really enjoying right now. Post these instructions in your blog along with your seven songs. Then tag 7 other people to see what they're listening to. ooh, I'm a rebel...

1. Pinch Me--bnl
2. Tired of sleeping--Suzanne Vega

Right now because I'm alternately pleading to wake up because this dream isn't what I'm looking for, or because I have so much to do...

3. Why Georgia--John Mayer
Discovered while Richard was there... Might be a quarter life crisis--am I living it right?

4. You and Me--lifehouse
yes, it's a sappy lovesong, but when we're dancing in the kitchen, I just love it

5. One night in Bangkok--Murray Head from the musical "Chess"
If there is a list of songs guaranteed to have me crank up the volume and sing along, this is on it!

6. This is the day--Bob & Larry
A song that makes me want to run back into bed and throw the covers over my head just so I can spring forth singing this song

7. When you dream--bnl
Having a sleeping new son to look at myself, I enjoy this one rather often

(¯`'•.¸(¯`'•.¸A Lizzie Quizzie!¸.•'´¯)¸.• '´¯)

1. Did you go to your last class reunion?

Yes, I did. It wasn't as gut-wrenching as I thought it would be, helped by having my husband there. Somewhat disappointed that more of the people I knew weren't there

2. If you could explore any city in the world for a week, which city would you pick and why?

Jerusalem, if I could be guaranteed safety while there. Otherwise, hmmm, I think it would be really neat to have Heather show me around Tokyo!

3. On a scale of 1-10, how good are you at public speaking?

I'm in the upper ranges, if the scale is going from low to high. Those of you who've heard me speak in public, any thoughts?

4. Have you ever won any contests?

Yes, speech & debate ones mostly--which is why I'm confident in my upper rankings for #3. I won a RHPS costume/look-alike contest when I was younger. I remember coming in second place at a library contest when I was in early elementary school, and getting to swap with the first place winner because she really wanted the toy I got and I wanted the am/fm/tv-audio radio.

5. How old do you think kids should be before they date?

I know the 'standard line' is sixteen, but I think even then it might be early, depending on the individual's maturity.

6. What is your usual bowling score?

lower 100s. I did manage to get a turkey last weekend!!

7. What kind of screensaver do you have?

Pictures of my family and our friends

8. Are you a NASCAR fan? If so, who's your driver?

Uh, no. I am an excellent driver though =)

9. Have you ever bought anything on ebay?

Yes, I have, a couple of scrapbooking items and some star wars toys.

10. Where there's there's . (fill in the blanks, be creative!)

Where there's insomnia there's a Matlock.

Replies: 10 Comments

on Monday, February 27th, mamacita said

Hey, I'm not cool enough to have a blog, so I can't respond to your challenge on my own site. So, in the spirit of the moment, I will share on YOUR site !

1. Lightning Crashes -- Live.
...This is the most fabulous Christian Hard Rock band out there. And this song is so powerful, it just moves me.

2. Bad Day -- Daniel Powter
...This is from the Showtime series 'Weeds' which I don't watch (I'm not old enough to stay up that late!) but the song is very bouncy.

3. I've Been Everywhere -- Johnny Cash.
...Ever since I heard the commercials in the last year with snippets of this song, I've been re-hooked. Pop culture, indeed.

4. One Way Ticket -- Darkness.
...Not a song for those of you who would typically visit this website, but it paints a very realistic picture of drug use by a rock star.

5. Lose Yourself -- Eminem.
...Again, watch the language, but this is an incredibly strong portrait of the struggle to improve your life and take control of your destiny.

6. Shame on You -- Indigo Girls.
...So catchy and such a slap in the face to bigotry, yet a joyful expression of brotherly love if ever there was one...

7. Jesus Walks -- Kanye West.
...Really clever lyrics (y'all can tell I'm a lyrics person!) and a very bold, avant-garde rap song. Kanye is like the Garth Brooks of rap.

Thanks for sharing, and allowing me to share. My tastes in music are very eclectic, and the lyrics are not for everyone to hear. But being a lyrics person means that I'm looking for deeper meaning, inspiration and sometimes just clever wordplay in my songs.

And 7 songs is far too few to capture my current obsessions.

on Monday, February 27th, Natasha said

Hey, aunt tea this is tasha, I posted a blog called What is a YCL? So go to my mom's blog and click onto "my kids blog" site or something like that.

on Monday, February 27th, Noelie said

Hey Tea,

It is cool that your tastes are very unique to you. Where would the world be if we were not hearing different things.
I have to tell you one of the funnest things with Itunes, is being able to go look at the song lists for famous people My favorite list so far for sheer unique and different Genre's? no kidding it was Barry Manilow's!

on Tuesday, February 28th, MegaSis said

1. Fugue for Tinhorns
2. Sit Down, You're Rockin' the Boat
3. Sue Me
4. Marry the Man Today
5. Adelaide's Lament
6. The Oldest Established
7. If I Were a Bell

No pattern or anything

on Tuesday, February 28th, David B said

I have finished my post on more purpose and meaning in life. It is up on my blog now, if you would like to read it.

You have a real talent for asking probing questions. (I was not offended, I mean it in a good way!) You have a knack for helping to draw out thoughts and ideas from people. That's a real talent!

I have seen this not only in the questions you have asked me, but in those you have asked Stephen over at Ethisis.

With your talent for interrogatories, your vocabulary, and use of the English language, there are a number of things you could be really good at.

You would be a great interviewer, as in a journalist or magazine writer, maybe even a talk show host, who knows? You would also be a great interrogator for law enforcement, or military intelligence. You could also make a great attorney. (No offense intended!)

Anyhow, thanks for your thoughts, comments, and questions.

on Tuesday, February 28th, Moi said

I always knew you were a doll, sis =)
Mama, I find Live and Indigo Girls wonderful too. Appreciate the lyrical heads-up, by the way. Yes, 7 is a very arbitrary number...
Noelie, I didn't know about that iTunes feature, being quite the newbie in the online-music scene. However, thanks to my MegaSis, I recently downloaded my first podcast!

on Tuesday, February 28th, Moi said

Tasha, thanks for explaining about camp and YCLs. I know where I can turn for first hand YW knowledge!

on Tuesday, February 28th, Moi said

David, wow, thank you for your kind assessment of my abilities. I am thrilled to see my probative powers being used for good =)
I can't say I'm known for my tact, but find myself frank, sincere and curious (hmmm, pun intended, or not? you decide)

Marriage and motherhood turned (turned! turned!) me away from the pursuit of journalism for a time. My adventures in blogging have given me an opportunity to dust off some of those writing muscles...it's a relief to have a 'dispassionate observer' tell me they haven't completely atrophied!

You've given me much to think about as I evaluate how I spend my "me time" and preparations/goals for the future. Thanks again for your comments!

Off to read your post =)

on Wednesday, March 1st, MomR said

You still have time for being a journalist, talk show host or anything else you would like to give. Altho' it may seem like your children will always be at home or it will take forever for them to grow up and live your home, it really isn't so. You are three years younger than I was when I graduated from Ricks and five years younger than I was when Richard was born. There is still lots of time. Just keep some things on the back burner for a while. Time is passing sooo swiftly now.

on Wednesday, March 1st, Moi said

Indeed there is a season and a time for every purpose under heaven (poorly alluded to in my comment by using 'turned' instead of 'turn' from The Byrds Ecclesiastes rendition--that could have been another song on my list!)

My current plan is to pursue a degree (or whatever other kind of training interests me) when we can pay for it without incurring debt. Current because I know how quickly things can change ;)

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