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05/15/2006: "Prayer request"

Elena had a seizure this afternoon, and your prayers and good thoughts on her behalf would be much appreciated.

We had signed up for the missionaries came over for dinner and they assisted with an annointing & blessing for the sick.

She is resting right now, but her fever is only down a little bit. I'm concerned that she may have another one later tonight, as has happened with Cheanna before.

Thanks in advance!

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on Tuesday, May 16th, Moi said

-Update 4pm 5/16-
Some more vomiting this morning, but Elena's temp is staying under 100 this afternoon. Trip to the pediatrician found her throat red & her ears without infection. Strep results will be back Thursday.

on Tuesday, May 16th, mamacita said

Thanks for the updates. I hope she is feeling better soon.

Love you lots. Back to Boise tomorrow, back home Thursday night, then back again for the whole week on Sunday.

Pop will be available if you need to call.

on Wednesday, May 17th, MomR said

So sorry to hear that Elena has been sick and that she is also suseptible to the febrile seizures. They can be so frightening.

It sounds like you need to have some phenabarbitol on hand for both Cheanna and Elena for when they get fevers. I gave it to Richard as soon as I discovered he had a fever even before I took his temp to see how high it was. Then I alternated the Tylenol and ibuprofen every two hours to keep the fever down. As long as I did that he didn't have another one. She is in our prayers. Sorry I didn't see this before. We traveled all day yesterday and been catching up today. Love you all.

on Wednesday, May 17th, Barb said

I hope everyone is doing well and resting well now.

on Friday, May 19th, Auntie Heather said

Gaaah. Hope things are a lot better by now.

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