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05/23/2006: "Camping with Howl's Heart"

An amusing tale if you've seen the movie Hauru no ugoku shiro | Howl's Moving Castle ....
Seriously, the full "awwwww" can only be had if you've seen this movie.
And if you haven't seen this movie--I wanna know why???

Our camping trip this weekend started with the gathering of sticks, pinecones, logs and pineneedles to start and maintain a campfire. Richard had a nice fire going before too long, tents poles taut, bedrolls unrolled... Roasting hot dogs on sticks and sipping on tomato soup...

Emma and Elena's youthful wonder at fire manifested in the Ooohs and aaaaahs, squeaks of delight, and occasionally scolding by name.
"Calcifer! You behave!" "Ooh Calcifer, that was a big spark!" "Calcifer needs more wood"

Cheanna as Calcifer-- "I'm a serious fire monster--I don't cook"

Richard fed the eggshells to the fire and the children made gobbling and munching noises. They would continue the sound effects for anything else pitched in...

Unfortunately, we did have to put him out at the end. Ah, Calcifer, we barely knew ya.

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on Tuesday, May 23rd, Auntie Heather said

kyaaaaaa! kawaiiii


on Tuesday, May 23rd, MomR said

I'm so glad that I have seen it so I know who Calcifer was and know what you were talking about. It sounds like you had a very fun time. I'm glad you were able to go camping last weekend.

Is Ephraim feeling better? I hope so.

on Saturday, June 3rd, Naiah said

Hahaha! We feed eggshells to our fire here at home now!


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