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05/25/2006: "The jury got it right!"

A victory in the fight against accounting fraud, Kenneth Lay & Jeffrey Skilling were found guilty today. Sentencing is scheduled to take place in September.


Ephraim Update:

He's down to a single ear infection and thrush =) Medications on board for him, and I'm not feeling the usual Mommy aspect of thrush, oddly enough, but we have enough for me just in case.

He's also crawling hands and knees now, yay!

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on Thursday, May 25th, Tanya said

Abbie is trying to crawl too. I don't think she is that far away from it, you should see her scoot around. She also does Kendra's backstroke from time to time. :)

on Friday, May 26th, MomR said

It's great that Epraim is crawling now. hope he soon gets to feeling better. Glad you don't have the Mommy aspect of thrush yet and hope you don't get it.

What did he start out with?

on Friday, May 26th, David B said

Hi There:

I just wanted to stop by and say hello. I haven't spent much time in the internet with all my health issues.

I'm feeling better now, and have returned to work.

It sounds like you've been dealing with illness in your house too. I hope everone is getting well, and staying healthy.

I have a whole new perspective on the value of good health after the events of the last 3 months.

Take care, and I wish you and your family the best.

on Saturday, May 27th, Moi said

Awww, Tanya, I'll have completely missed the "babier" parts of Abbie. At least I did see Kendra a couple of times as an infant =)


MomR, Ephraim had a double ear infection earlier in the month. Now it's just in his left ear...and of course those antibiotics brought on the thrush.


David, wow, thanks for dropping by! I'll have to pop over to your blog in just a bit. I'll bet you have lots to post about with your new perspective--look forward to reading it =)

Very happy to hear you're feeling better, and back to work even!

Thanks for your concern and well-wishes, David. It's nice to have you "back".

on Saturday, June 10th, Stephen M (Ethesis) said

I'm glad he is doing well.

on Tuesday, June 13th, Aunt Caroline said

Sorry to hear about Ephraim's ear infection and thrush! Michelle had thrush for a month after she was born - I thought we'd never clear it up. Thrush poops - yuck!

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