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05/20/2006: "Stand down yellow alert =)"

Elena is feeling great, back to her usual bubbly self. Thanks again for the prayers and the love!!

I think her cheeriness means there isn't a positive test floating around out there.

[No word on the strep test that was supposed to be back on Thursday. We've called a few times, apparently the test result policy is notification 48 to 72 hours after receiving the request for the results note that's the request, not the actual receipt of results from the lab and no, it really doesn't matter what the doctor said or if she might need medication, don't call us, we'll call you.]

Now that we're back to normal (ha!) operating conditions, time to schedule some family R&R.

...I smell a siesta in the air...

Replies: 3 Comments

on Saturday, May 20th, Barb said

That is so good to hear!

on Sunday, May 21st, mamacita said

woo hoo! I hope the siesta was refreshing.

well, I'm off to Boise for a week. Love you lots!

on Sunday, May 21st, MomR said

It's so good to hear that Elena is feeling better. How is Eohraim feeling now? If you guys started him on antibiotics and he seemed to respond to it be sure and let the doctor know so he can prescribe enough to kill off all of the germs not just the weak ones. I forgot to remind Richard of that when I talked to him yesterday.

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