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10/03/2005: "October 2005 General Conference"

I love General Conference, I do.

I enjoy the music, the speakers, the sustaining votes...

Most of all, I enjoy the inspiring messages from the Lord for/to me.

Elder Henry B. Eyring's was one of those special talks I needed to hear.

How blessed we are to have living prophets to guide and direct us.

More elaboration later....

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on Tuesday, October 4th, Tanya said

Hey there, I was wondering if you were okay. You weren't on family chat, and were missed by Michael. Hope all is well with you.

on Tuesday, October 4th, Moi said

Oops, we didn't receive the email and by the time we got the phone message the chat was over... Something's wrong in the pipeline somewhere, but things are well here.

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