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10/17/2005: "An off day"

I have them from time to time. Today was definitely off. It's hard to describe exactly, but suffice it to say that my mind is barely working through a very thick gelatin. Reality is distorted and it's harder to think than it should be... I hope tomorrow I will see things more clearly.

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on Thursday, October 20th, mamacita said

I hope your week since then has been more productive, or at least clearer !

And, by the way, I wanted to say that even though I may disagree with some of the things you do/don't do as a parent, I still respect the job you do and I think you're a great parent.

I don't know anyone (including spouses) who totally agrees with others about how to parent in certain situations.

The key is that overall, you're doing a great job.

I love you!

on Friday, October 21st, moi said

Thanks, Mama. Funny thing is, I wasn't even thinking of you when I was typing that post about parenting. I was thinking of the people I've encountered around here, generally others parenting similarly aged children. I appreciate the postive comments all the same!

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