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10/21/2005: "weekend update (ha!)"

I laugh because it's just barely the weekend, and we won't even get into the matching definition of update...nope, won't go there =D

I have had moments of greater clarity this week, which I am grateful for, and I've been able to move ahead with our home schooling plans. We will be participating in two groups this year, one a West Valley home educators group and the other a north & west LDS home school group. There is another group I've been invited to join, I'll have to see if our schedule can stand that or not =)

As soon as we bring the children's vaccinations up to regulations we can opt-in to some of the extracurriculars at the public schools as well. One of our home teachers has his children in choir & band at the elementary school in our neighborhood and reports that they are sparsely attended, giving them a private lesson feel. There is also the new performing arts academy on our side of town that may have afterschool activities available.

Today the homeschool groups were going for a field trip and so we went to the Arizona State Fair [story announcing the new fun at the fair, including deep-fried cheesecake on a stick, here]. Duncan and Cheanna did book reports for the ABC-15 Read & Ride and received three free rides. Emma would have gladly done reports also, but the age limit was set at 5. (At least she can do the Book-it! from Pizza Hut with us this year) We had a great time at the fair.

Home Family and Personal Enrichment meeting this week on bringing art into our lives, taking better photographs, with a munch and mingle afterwards. I'm not sure what our ward will do with the transition to quarterly meetings next year. I really enjoy the chance to get together with sisters that I might not get to see on Sundays, or to have more time in a less formal atmosphere to get to know them better. I brought some cookie bars that were well liked, I need to type up the recipe and bring it with me on Sunday =)

I have five baskets of clean laundry calling me from the bedroom... better get on those before the dirty ones try to sneak in.

Have a good night, and a pleasant tomorrow.

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