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10/06/2005: "FLYing"

I've been a big fan of Flylady for years now. I'm still learning and growing on my own FLYpath, some routines and habits have set in easier than others.

This weekend is a big one for our family--we're having more events and company than we've ever had in a short period. Is it stressful? Yes, but thanks to Flylady it's not the ripping my hair out kind of stress =)

I'm excited and anxious. I hope I can keep the joy above the worry in the balance of things.

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on Friday, October 7th, Tanya said

I sure hope you the best this weekend. I know it will be hard, with family, and new baby, and trying to entertain. Keep things simple, easy to clean, and try not to stress. Yeah I know, who is preaching but the person who is addicted to stress!

on Sunday, October 9th, Moi said

For a maiden voyage on the seas of mass entertaining/hosting, it was very enjoyable and smooth sailing. Feels like we could actually do another shindig sometime =)

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