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10/26/2005: "Two Months Old"

Ephraim is two months old today!!

He's sleeping in stretches nearing 6 hours at night-woohoo!

He wriggles all over, grabs my hair or necklace...and still has hiccups every day.

I love this boy!

He has blessed our home, our family, with his presence.

Ginger should be dropping Ethan off any time now, so I'll end the entry for now.

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on Wednesday, October 26th, Kimberly said

Isn't great when they sleep through the night? When Alex was 4 days old he slept 8 hrs and I was up all night wondering if he was still breathing. Man I am missing the baby stage right now.

on Wednesday, October 26th, Moi said

I know what you mean, there's that sudden start of realization, "hey, I haven't heard him wake up" followed by the sweet relief of a little baby snoring.

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