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06/03/2005: "Friday is a special day"

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It's the day we get ready for Saturday....

Did some shopping today, a three store trip even, and the children were fabulous as we checked off our list:

Walgreens: Laundry products, Grape Nuts

Fry's: Honeydew & Cantaloupe melons, strawberries, generic ranch dressing packets

Sam's Club:5Qt ice cream, Daisy sour cream, milk, raisin bran, whipped cream

Cheanna's birthday present from Rydalches was delivered today! yay! Catharine's birthday card and Grandma Wendel's card also arrived in the mail =)

Duncan's talk is all typed up now. I'll probably post a copy of it when I report on tomorrow's events.

Now to finish up some housework before Richard gets home...

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on Saturday, June 4th, mamacita said

hey, I've had a wonderful morning (other than the first initial sadness, but I'll deal with that issue forever, as will you and Heather) reading your blog!

No pressure, but keep up the good work =)

I really enjoy your writing. I am glad you take the time, your schedule must be so hectic.

I love you!

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