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06/02/2005: "Prepping for the week ahead..."

mood: blessed =)

It's been a nice June so far =D

Duncan's best friend Conner requested Duncan as a speaker at his baptism on Saturday. He's working on his baptism talk as I type. Duncan has been studying and deciding for himself what is true, and I'm really proud of him. He's delightfully candid in our talks; I hope that continues as our relationship rolls along. My enthusiasm for the Church magazines is rubbing off on him--he wanted to sit right down with The Friend when we checked the mail on Tuesday, much like I do with the packet of magazines when they arrive. He thought it was neat that a girl from Mesa was inside the front cover of the June issue =)

Cheanna is counting down the days to her birthday, to officially being 6! She expressed the desire to go camping as a family for a birthday celebration--initially we planned on the 10-11, but with so many things scheduled that weekend we bumped it a week to the 17-18. She would like to have a couple of friends over to play on her birthday and we're still working out the details... Cheanna has moved on to the next step in doing her own laundry, measuring and pouring the soap. She's so excited that she can do it just like Duncan now. I love having front loading machines =) Cheanna talks to the baby and listens to my tummy for responses. She's definitely found our study of the body very interesting.

Emma Catharine has been turning a phrase with some mix-ups in prepositions, adverbs, etc.
"Daddy, this is the best spaghetti & meatballs I never see!"
"Mom, can I take a bathtub? Can Cheanna take a bathtub for me?"
"Can I tell you something? May I have some ice cream, chocolate?"
She's been doing so well with her preK work I'm going to start her on Kindergarten level when we resume in the fall. She asks all the time if she can do more school work=) I think she will have her own library card soon too (she has the first name down, just need to work on the last name).

Elena, wow, Elena will be three this month! She tries to keep up with everything her big sisters do... Watching the three of them dancing in the living room is soooo much fun. Her favorite music/dvd is They Might Be Giants "Here Come The ABCs!" and it is helping her consistently recognize letters. She knows a few sight words, like family names, without other context. She's much better about coloring "on approved surfaces" these days too =) Elena is often noticed by others for how happy she is--she spreads cheer with her smiles and love of life.

Baby Neelix* is quite the wriggler. 6 months and bouncing around like a tumbleweed =) All's well so far. We may check out the baby expo before the baptism on Saturday--I want to purchase a baby sling but don't have the practical experience with one to know what would work best for me and/or Richard. Hopefully there would be someone selling them and willing to let me try one out.

I typed a bit more than I was planning on! Makes up for not writing anything yesterday I suppose =D

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on Thursday, July 7th, MomR said

I remember Richard being the way Elena is. He always tho't he should be able to do what his syblings did even tho' he was much younger. I remember his not expecting to drive just because the others did but I think that was about it. He tho't he should be able to do everything else.

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