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06/13/2005: "27 weeks, 12 to go?"

mood: rested

I'm going to go in reverse order to catch up =)

I sat down to read Sunday's paper and ending up taking a wee nap before I made it through the coupons =) I can finish those and today's paper later.

Went to lunch @Villa de Paz again. The children are finding it a comfortable routine now...

OB appointment this morning went well. I really love having Dr. Castilla! She was complimenting Richard & the children, loves our name choice, and is just such a joy to have as a doctor. I should find out the results of the FFN test tomorrow, but so far, so good. I hulled some strawberries to eat on the drive over this morning--some slow traffic here and there but still made it on time.

Ended up sitting in the choir seats for Sacrament meeting today. There were two families with special ordinances happening today, one a baby blessing and one an aaronic priesthood ordination, so our chapel was overflowing. The pews, folding chairs and even foyer were packed--so the Bishop invited those of us who would like to come forward and use the empty choir benches. We were the only family to take advantage of his offer, but I was more comfortable there than I would have been on the floor in the hall, or even in a folding chair!

Sunday School found the gym just roasting for me--I guess there are a/c problems there this time--and I couldn't sit through the class so I spent the time in primary instead. Thankfully the a/c in the Relief Society room was working well; we had a great lesson on the Word of Wisdom from the teachings of David O. McKay.

We invited the missionaries over for dinner at 5pm. Richard had envisioned a crockpot roast, with drippings gravy to go along with mashed potatoes, fresh wheat bread, white rolls, a veggie plate and a jello salad. It turned out really well, mmmmm. We finished the meal, I told some of my conversion story, and then it was time to head back to the church!

Dressed in white (a short-sleeve yet ankle length big enough for "two" dress), I performed in a "Temple Awareness Fireside" as a woman who was waiting for her name to be found for ordinance work. I think I know how Duncan felt after his baptismal talk with everyone complimenting him, because it seemed like I couldn't quite understand why everyone put so much emphasis on how well I performed compared with the rest of the cast. I didn't think I'd done anything particularly extraordinary, but I guess my ninth grade speech teacher really was on to something. Root beer floats followed, and we ended up taking some of the root beer home as the purchasers had been overly generous in their crowd estimate.

Spent mostly relaxing at home, playing games. I did some puttering here and there to get ready for Sunday.
The children had a primary activity at the church while I attended a practice for the temple program. They came in ready to get wet clothes and had fun with water relays, water balloons, and a giant tarp turned into a slip-n-slide. Our children didn't want the fun to end =) We might look into getting some sort of slip-n-slide considering how much fun they had with it...

It was another day of family fun--I really like days that have few contentious moments and lots of active smiles =)

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