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06/29/2005: "June Mélange"

mood: determined =)

So many things to blog about, so few entries... If you'll pardon the mess, er, mix, I'll just start laying them out as they bounce around my head.

We made it through June! I've hit the stage of intact viability, where the risk of long term birth defects from premature birth is about 2%. Not that we're looking to have the baby in July/August mind you, but it's a big relief to have made it thus far. As of 6/27, all of my FFN tests are negative and my cervix is normal.
The glucose test with the fruit punch flavor was far easier to swallow and stay down than the orange variety. I haven't heard back on those results yet...
I compiled a list of baby preparations to be completed over the next 62 days.

Our camping trip for Cheanna's birthday was quite enjoyable, with just a few scary moments here and there. On the way to Mingus Mountain we came across a car pinning a cyclist, Richard brought her some blankets and water, and I called 911 on my cell phone. We were there for nearly two hours as the emergency response teams came and rescued her from under the car. When the Dr Seuss CD had run its course, I read to the children from the second Laura Ingalls Wilder book. We also took the opportunity to remind the children just how important helmets are for protecting heads--if the cyclist hadn't been wearing one the accident would have been much worse.
We still arrived at Potato Patch before sundown, and everyone pitched in to set up camp. We had the usual hot dogs, chips & carrots, before roasting marshmallows and making s'mores. Richard had his binoculars and small telescope along and we spotted Jupiter and its major moons that night! I saw a couple of our own orbiting satellites but wasn't able to point them out in time to others.
The next day we watched squirrels, played in the meadow, gathered more firewood and just had relaxed fun as a family. I love that about going camping--everything can be a fun family experience.
That night we had a small accident with one of the roasting sticks that left Emma Catharine with a burn along the top of her hand & wrist. It seems to be healing well.
The next morning Richard and I awoke before dawn and each of us spent a good hour or so writing down thoughts, impressions, and lessons we wanted to take home with us. It was just so wonderful being awake to hear the birds start to sing, the sun rising, and enjoying some hot cocoa together. Breaking camp was hard, not because the task was difficult, rather the trip was so much fun we didn't want it to end.

~Book Club~
This month we were discussing The Ten Cow Wives' Club by Joni Hilton and it was a good discussion in the time we had. Hillari and Deborah made some recipes from the book for us to eat that evening and the foods turned out quite delicious!!

~Scrapbook Weekend~
Since Richard took time off to take care of me earlier in the week, I did not take advantage of the early Friday start time. He dropped me off around 7pm Friday and returned to pick me up shortly after 10pm Saturday. It's always neat to get together with my circle of scrapping friends, especially since we've all moved from where we were to begin with... I completed 24 pages, mostly for Elena's baby book, and felt fairly productive. I did start to have that headache/nausea again on Saturday afternoon, but I took my medicine and lay down for a nap which seemed to help. It was fun to come home and show everyone what I'd made for them!

Heavenly Father has blessed me with a fabulous friend in Jaime (Hey-o Omaha!). Not only does she share her wisdom and insight with me, she has a way of getting right to the point that I need to hear. I've been struggling on and off with my feelings about a popular Christian author who compared the allure of The Book of Mormon to prostitutes and pornography. It saddened me to read that, and I had a hard time feeling as 'inspired' by his messages about God and Christ after that. She reminded me that we have already been given prophets, apostles and the words of God in the Holy Scriptures; as inspiring as other things are, they can be distracting us from concentrating on what the Spirit can teach us through His word. Jaime has a way of building me up and helping see the lessons around me. She is the best at being a friend =)

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on Thursday, July 7th, MomR said

Your camping trip sounds like it was soooo much fun. Thanks for sharing.

on Thursday, July 7th, MomR said

I'm so glad to learn that everything is going so well with your pregnancy and that your cervix isn't starting to soften or anything yet and your FFN is so favorable. We will continue to keep you and your baby in our prayers.

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