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06/21/2005: "Elena's Birthday!!!"

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Elena, crowned in her birthday glory at Chuck E. Cheese's, has ready helpers for her card reading needs. She requested a party sprinkle sun cake and Blue Bunny Chocolate Bunny Tracks ice cream. Elena also picked up her birthday half-dozen from Krispy Kreme after lunch today, and chose root beer for her mug refill.

Richard and I have pondered and discussed this day. This is her last birthday as the youngest in our family; it's fun to watch her enjoy the attention. She can't possibly know how much her life will change being a big sister. Hopefully the Big Sister Dora DVD she received from Rydalches will help prepare her some, along with the hospital class for big brothers/sisters. Elena carried around a baby in a backpack carrier for most of the day... I think it will be fun to try to make her a little sling like the one for baby Neelix* once I find the right one...

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