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06/06/2005: "A new birthday eve tradition...."

mood: well pleased =)

At Richard's suggestion, beyond looking at Cheanna's scrapbooks for Family Home Evening tonight, everyone made a page for Cheanna's scrapbook. It was so much fun!! Richard and I made a couple of pages each (I love his scrapbooking, by the way, wish he could do more!!) and the children made one for Cheanna and then one for their own books.

We're looking forward to doing this again in two weeks for Elena =)

The logistics were pretty simple, three card tables, lots of pictures and scrapbooking materials, and the creativity just poured out. It's a wonderful way to remember and celebrate together!

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on Thursday, July 7th, MomR said

This sounds so neat. It sounds like you will be building many memories.

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