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08/02/2006: "Take me out to the ballgame!"

The Idaho Falls Chukars, a minor league team for the Kansas City Royals, are tied for third in the southern division of the Pioneer league. 22 and 19, they've lost the two games our little fans attended.

chukarsfans (75k image)

Cheanna threw a 25 mph baseball in a contest at the ballpark. She had the best throw for a 7 year old girl! This game was 'bread night' and we have 9 loaves of Sara Lee bread.

hicharlie2 (73k image)

Charlie Chukar came to hang out in the stands before the game and sat for a picture or two. Cheanna won one of the ticket drawings--her prizes included a Chukars pennant, Chukars bottlecap opener keychain, Chuckars baseball and Chukars mini baseball bat.

Best of all, the tickets were free!

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on Wednesday, August 2nd, momR said

They all look like they are enjoying themselves. Cheanna will remember this her whole life I'm sure!

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