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08/10/2006: "Sunstone here I come! (But I missed the Saturday's Warrior sing-along)"

music: Who are these children coming down? Like gentle rain though darkened skies,
mood: With glory trailing from their feet as they go, And endless promise in their eyes. . . .

This is the workshop I'm going to--it promsises to be very interesting.

From the Sunstone Symposium program:
Abstract The appearance of a popular new blog, “Feminist
Mormon Housewives,” signals the rise of a new
wave of feminism within mainstream Mormonism as
another generation of Mormon women confronts the
problems of gender inequity within the Church.
How is blogging—with its capacity to reach large
numbers of people without requiring anything of
them but Internet access, along with its ability to
provide both the security of anonymity and the
power of the personal voice—affecting the
possibilities of feminism within the LDS Church?
Will open Internet communication help Mormon
women be more aware of the problems of gender
inequity in the Church and enable them to meet
these challenges without being forced to choose
between Mormonism and feminism?


LISA BUTTERWORTH, founder of Feminist Mormon
Housewives (www.feministmormonhousewives.org);
blogs between wiping bums, refereeing fights, and
cooking potatoes for her family in Boise, Idaho

JOHN DEWEY REMY, graduate student, religious
studies, California State University Long Beach;
maintains a personal blog at mindonfire.com and is
a regular contributor to SunstoneBlog.com

JANA BOUCK REMY, doctoral candidate, history,
University of California, Irvine; book review editor,
Dialogue: A Journal of Mormon Thought; maintains
a personal blog at pilgrimgirl.blogspot.com and
writes bi-weekly for exponentblog.blogspot.com

Room Seasons North
Session sponsor The Mormon Women’s Forum


Replies: 6 Comments

on Thursday, August 10th, momR said

Sounds interesting. I look forward to seeing something on your blog when you get back from it.

on Thursday, August 10th, Tanya said

I hope you find it interesting. I'm afraid it would be one I would avoid by a mile. :)

I'm not a fan of Lisa and the general treatment given to women like me on FMH who sees no problem with the organization of the church. I have also had issues with Jana. I'm pretty sure she is the one that had written a post stating that she never wanted her husband to be a bishop because she didn't want him to have to keep things from her. She expects him to share everything with her. I find that a very sad statement.

on Saturday, August 12th, mamacita said

I personally love the fMh site...and its philosophy.

Tanya, the problems I see on that site tend to be between those who say they feel there is a problem, and those who DON'T see those particular issues as a problem...the ones who express a concern usually have their perceptions belittled by those who don't feel there is a problem.

You may not have participated in this but I see many who do, who throw their own personal versions of the truth out there as if that negates the original poster's problem to have someone else tell them they are or must be mistaken.

I am okay that you don't share their opinions, as long as you're willing to acknowledge that others may not feel the same way you do. Those others are entitled to share their situations in an open, non-judgmental forum.

As far as expecting husbands to share, I share with mine, and I do expect him to share with me. It may not be the relationship that you enjoy with your husband but it works for us...so I also would have a concern were my husband to have a position where he could not share with me...

So it may be you don't really have issues with Jana, you just don't have much in common with the type of relationship she has in her marriage. I find it difficult to think that because someone doesn't see things your way you'd be judgmental about them. (You might not have them among your inner circle of friends but you'd respect their right to have their own opinions about things.)

Téa says good things about you. I hope that you are able to find your peace with those who disagree with your viewpoint.

on Saturday, August 12th, Moi said

I'll be posting a summary and my own analysis of the messages soon.


Tanya, part of what (fMh)Lisa talked about was that she wanted a place where no one would say "you're an idiot for believing that" to anyone on any issue. Unfortunately this doesn't translate into respect for others and their perceptions--on all sides--even if the name calling is avoided.

If we're thinking of the same entry, it was Caroline who talked about her husband leaving her behind in the church with his new calling (clerk?), though Jana may have made a similar comment about her own husband.

The change in employment for Richard brought home that very issue of sharing for us, because 99% of his job is confidential. There is a section of wall that wasn't there before--and it's hard for both of us. We haven't had to cross that bridge with church leadership positions for either one of us just yet.

Mamacita, I do speak highly of Tanya for a reason, and I'm glad you're trying to see her through that lens. I hope you continue to enjoy fMh.

on Saturday, August 12th, Tanya said

Thanks Téa and your mother for the sweet comments. I can actually say that Darlene's comments are some of those that I enjoy because they are well written expression how you feel without the put down and problems I have seen there. Frankly when I post there, most of my comments are ignored. I see the problems on both sides of the fence and I don't like that kind of conflict. I do draw lines at criticising the leaders of the church particularly the prophets and that bothers me the most.

As far as keeping things from me, I supose with my career as a nurse and michael's career as a professional councilor we are used to not being able to talk about "everything". That is what I'm refering to with Jana, it was something I read on her own site. (Again I think it is her, it could be someone else, I added a few sites at the same time months ago So if I am wrong there forgive me.)

She did not want her husband to be in a leadership position because she could not deal with confidentiality. My take on this is would I really want to know all the problems of friends and neighbors and would be prone to judge them knowing their faults and sins. So sharing is relative in that terms. I believe in keeping confidences. I believe God likes those that can keep sacred things sacred. Sometimes I wonder if that is not remembered when it should be.

For the most part I don't have problems with differing views, I respect those that have them. I just want good dialogue that isn't marred by poor behavior.

How do I recognize it? When my soul wants to cry in pain with the lack of love I see. As I said I see it in all directions and all sides.

Thanks again both of you. I hope I didn't thread jack too much..... Cringe.

on Monday, August 14th, Moi said

Oh, no, no threadjacks here.

This is a good discussion to have, unfortunately as we all talk on the subject of maitaining an open and honest dialogue we are preaching to the choir =D
I'm going to try to get those Sunstone notes up tomorrow. Richard aand I chatted about the WW lesson on faith and about faith for tonight for a while tonight.

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