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08/02/2006: "Quad Lego Trio"

stackinup (45k image)

Emma and Elena stack 'em up with blocks the same colors as their flannel blankets =)

workingtogether (44k image)

Elena and Ephraim working together.

reach (42k image)

Reeaacchh! (when did Ephraim get so big?)

ephraimsturn (39k image)

Ephraim works on a stack of his own.

Replies: 4 Comments

on Wednesday, August 2nd, momR said

Cute kids. Ephraim is getting taller isn't he?

on Thursday, August 3rd, Stephen M (Ethesis) said

Those pictures are just too cure.


on Saturday, August 5th, Kimberly said

these pictures are so cute and your children look like they are really enjoying themselves

on Sunday, August 6th, Moi said

Ephraim's growing so much that I'm trying to post pictures frequently for his Daddy back home.

Thanks, Stephen. It's always nice to capture some of their cuteness and have it come through in photos!

Kimberly, it's fabulous to see them having fun, especially with each other... though I suppose in that aspect it's not too much different than being home =)
Glad to see the comments are working for you again!

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