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08/14/2006: "Snake River Roaring Youth Jam, take 1"

A blast at the greenbelt Friday...

empiretree (96k image)

At the Snake River the Evil Empire was gathering under a tree.

followthetrooper (82k image)

Emma and Elena started to follow them around, shaking hands whenever spossible.

liningupforvader (85k image)

Everyone is orderly for the young master, lining up to approch Darth Vader.

duncanpaintsduck (92k image)

We all took turns painting--Duncan signed his near the end

myears (87k image)

the Roaring Youth Jam's Junk Jam was a little too noise for Emma so I told I'd cover her ears and she could play.

booming (104k image)

Cheanna and Ken go to town on the booming.

xylosisters (79k image)

xylosisters--cute music makers

duckwatch (75k image)
watching the ducks and gulls in the water--feeding them, crumbled pizza crusts.

Replies: 4 Comments

on Monday, August 14th, Dad said

I read the ad for this when I got back home last night. I'm glad you all got to go.

Apparently the Evil Empire passed inspection.

Who won the duck race?

on Monday, August 14th, Tanya said

Hey, you shoud go read some of the fanfic. Ish has a really good one going about a trial for Anakin Skywalker. IT is really good. Long by now, so you would have to take some time reading it, but I'm sure you would enjoy it

on Tuesday, August 15th, momR said

It looks like you had fun.

on Thursday, August 17th, Barb said

Looks like a lot of fun times!

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