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08/16/2006: "Ephraim's song of the cookie"

music: (inspired by VeggieTales

There once was a boy, a boy and his cookie...

oreo1 (67k image)

Actually, there were two cookies: a cinnamon alphabet cookie and a mint creme oreo cookie

oreo2 (70k image)

The oreo left evidence of its partial consumption on the boy's face...

oreo3 (45k image)

the boy was chewing and chewing mmmm...mmmmm....mmmmm...mmmmm...mmmm

oreo4 (46k image)

chewing and chewing ooooh...oooooh....oooooh...ooooh...ooooh..oooh...oooh

oreo5 (56k image)

Chewing and oooohing makes a little boy tired

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on Thursday, August 17th, momR said

That really looks like a good cookie. I miss the smiles tho'.

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