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08/18/2006: "Picnics and pics"

Again, I'm apologizing for the dearth of pictures for two picnics. The first one was on Sunday after church, we met Grandma and Grandpa Robinson over at Falls Valley Elementary. They brought crock pot roast beef with potatoes and carrots, jello salad, cucumbers, and lemonade; we brought rolls and cookies. Everything was very yummy! We ate, talked, watched the children playing on the playground. I have three, count 'em, three pictures from Sunday. Grandma took some of her own though, so I have some comfort in that.

DSC06505 (80k image)

This version of a tire swing was very popular.

DSC06506 (37k image)

Ephraim sends some smiles for Daddy

DSC06508 (25k image)

One more!


The second picnic took place in Pocatello Monday night with Grandpa Don and Ruth. Sadly, there are no pictures commemorating this activity either. We had Asian take-out along with some fresh fruits and veggies from Albertson's over at Caldwell park. There were lots of knock-knock jokes, funny stories and some playground and ball playing before it got too dark.


I should also note that Monday afternoon I met with an old classmate/newer friend at McD's (Hi Jim!) and we got to catch up a bit. I saw him in 2004 shortly after my Grandfather died--he's the one who told me about the then upcoming class reunion, though he ended up out of town when it happened.


Camping pictures still to come, and any from the getting-ready-to-leave-Idaho-goodbye-saying will hopefully be posted later today... Pics taken 8/19-8/21 in Utah may be posted from Denver next week. Denver pics--well, let's not get too ahead of ourselves.

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