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08/05/2006: "Chillin' at the A.C."

Grandma and Grandpa Robinson invited us for an afternoon of food & fun at the Arctic Circle this week.

DSC06455 (49k image)

Duncan, Grandpa, & Grandma delight in watching Ephraim, Ephraim's checking out the camera and Elena's checking out the fry sauce.

DSC06457 (48k image)

Elena is the very embodiment of a "thankful heart is a happy heart"

DSC06463 (44k image)

Making a joyful noise sounds a lot like raspberries.

DSC06468 (29k image)

Cheanna takes an exuberant Ephraim on the slide

DSC06469 (29k image)

Emma's Catharine's turn!

DSC06472 (27k image)

Duncan loves Ephraim, Ephraim loves Duncan, but Ephraim did not want to stay on the slide while Mommy went for her camera!

DSC06473 (32k image)

Duncan and Emma Catharine

DSC06475 (31k image)

A cutie pie sandwich =D

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on Sunday, August 6th, momR said

Cute pictures. I wondered if you took one of me when I was doing "rasberries" with Ephraim....

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