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08/16/2006: "Snake River Roaring Youth Jam, Take 2"

The fun continued, even if the posting time lags...

mixedmedia (104k image)

The pan reflects the mixed artistic media at the youth events: glitter, beads, paint and macaroni...

necklacetime (70k image)

It's make-your-own-necklace time!

emmabeads (58k image)

Emma Catharine threads beads onto her piece of yarn with concentrated precision.

kaylahelps (63k image)

Kayla helped Elena finish up her necklace.

patterncheanna (86k image)

Cheanna created a beading pattern of her own--blue, pink, blue, pink, blue, pink, blue, white, pink, blue, pink, blue, pink, blue, pink, white--repeated until she ran out of yarn.

duncanfinished (62k image)

Macaroni and beads =)

elenafinished (64k image)

Elena models her creation.

waiting (95k image)

What do you do when waiting for someone to finish putting beads on yarn anyway?

You get ready to check out bubble time!

bubble1 (85k image)

They had wading pools filled with bubble solution and a variety of objects to dip in and wave around...

bubble2 (73k image)

...tennis rackets were the most popular items...

bubble4 (82k image)

...for just about everyone...

bubble3 (94k image)

...and they set flight to many bubbles (and much soapy water)!

Thus ends a photographic recounting of the SRRYJ 2006

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on Thursday, August 17th, momR said

It looks like you guys had a lot of fun.

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