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07/04/2005: "Happy Independence Day!"

mood: relaxed & thankful

It's been a delightful day and a wonderful weekend!

Friday Richard came home early and we did our grocery shopping together. We bought lots of yummy fresh produce on sale and have been munching on it all weekend.

Saturday morning we ran some errands, including a trip to BestFed where we tried on slings before picking one. Yay! I really think this is going to help me meet the demands everyone will have on me in just a couple of months. We bought a medium size so Richard can use it too =)

Sunday found us subbing in Cheanna's primary class. Each of our primary-going children was "spotlighted" this Sunday in Sharing Time. A member of the Primary presidency tells a bit about the child and gives him/her a small flashlight. I managed to keep it a surprise for all of them =) I remembered how much I enjoy team-teaching with Richard; we haven't really done it since we taught the Gospel Doctrine Sunday School class in the IF 16th ward. Richard made a fabulous dinner last night--grilled thin steaks, kebobs, fresh pineapple, steak fries, strawberry-banana milkshakes, mmmmmm!

Next Sunday I will be substituting in Relief Society for the David O. McKay lesson on temples. I'm very excited for the chance to sub again!

Today we have been doing odd jobs around the house and playing together. Emma is currently trying to sharpen all the pencils she can find around the computer desk. Richard and I tackled the paper tiger here in the front room and subdued it. We made three double-batches of sugar cookies and the children cut a batch and a half into shapes (I froze the remainders for another day).

I listened to some of the historical tapes we have about the Declaration of Independence--I love how 2 July 1776 was destined to be celebrated ever after, ha ha. Oh Adams, you were so close....

Sidenote--America Rock Rocks!

We really are very blessed to be living in a land that, in principle if not always practice, cherishes freedom. I'm grateful that my husband does his part to defend the Constitution of these United States, drafted by those original 13 colonies. What a remarkable, albeit imperfect, system we have here! I will do what I can to enjoy my liberty in a responsible manner, so that my freedom will not be in jeopardy from my own actions.

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on Monday, July 11th, Tanya said

Hey there,
I wanted you to know Michael taught the same lesson Sunday. I had to stay home with Kendra, I have had this nasty summer bug, and I'm on Anitbiotics. I'm very excited for my lesson this month, it is Elder Eryings, on Family history and genealogy, one of my favorite pastimes.

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