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07/05/2005: "Fabulous Fifth?"

It has the potential to be so, anyway. It is hard coming back down into the work routine after such a nice weekend... Richard's car needed to go to the repair shop so we were able to meet him at the shop and drive him back to the office, nice to have just a little extra time together =)

If things go as I imagine they will, two months from today we will all be in the hospital room enjoying the new baby. I'm thrilled for the time to come, but am also working on enjoying the moments between now and then. These months will fly by without any additional urging on my part, ha ha. Cheanna doesn't seem go past me without giving my belly a little hug or pat.

I'm off for now--time to cycle the laundry around.

~5pm Update~
I am tired of ants. Ants in the bathrooms, ants in the living room, ants in our closet, ants in Cheanna's closet... Everyday it's "where are the ants now?" and I'm sick of it. I could understand it if they frequented say, the kitchen or dining room perusing for crumbs. But no, they apparently like things like dress up clothes, toilets, the train table... I cleaned the children's bathroom floor today, not an ant in sight, and five minutes later there they were in a massive line running around the toilet. What makes it worse is that we are all have allergic reactions to ant bites--and they are biting whenever they can. ARGH!!!!!
Okay, vent over. ::breathe, breathe::

It's still a good day, really. I just need to find out what our management company can do about the situation. That, and keep vaccuuming and spraying. Oy...

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