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07/15/2005: "The Ides of July"

mood: determined, yet aching = I

Last night we decided that it would be fun to get in some bowling (smoke-free) in the East Valley. Apparently I have never been bowling this far along in a pregnancy because I think I would have remembered how difficult it was to maintain my usual form. I think I would have remembered the incredible pain in my hips...the waddling I would do to reduce the torment...I really do think I would remember something along these lines =)

It was fun nonetheless. The children loved it despite the fact that the lightest ball was an eight pounder. I guess all that milk gallon jug carrying has come in handy, even for Elena.

Here are the bowling scores:
Richard 117
Téa 111
Duncan 86
Cheanna 77
Emma 46
Elena 59

We read more of the Leven Thumps book on the way back. Chapter 15 sparked an interesting discussion with Duncan about the way the adversary works in our lives.

Today we'll continue down the list of things to do to get ready while Richard is at work, and then we'll go have some more family fun together.

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on Tuesday, July 19th, MomR said

I'm not familiar with Leven Thumps books. Tell me more.

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